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Immersive Real Estate Video Tours  


For a Real Estate agent, driving across town to meet a customer for a home tour is inconvenient, labor intensive and expensive. Although home video tours make the real estate buying and selling experience much more enjoyable and less time intensive, there are still many missed opportunities to use home video tours as a selling tool because it’s not always convenient to have a quality viewing device available for a customer when it is needed.

The cinemizer OLED takes home video tours to a whole new level by allowing agents to show purchasers immersive home video tours anywhere, anyplace and at any time on a virtual 40" big screen HDTV. With 2D and 3D capabilities, the cinemizer OLED immerses the viewer into virtual home tour, without the time-intensive process of driving from property to property.


Agent recruitment

In order for a broker to attract the best and most qualified new Agents, he MUST make use of the most powerful and effective tools and make the best impression leaving the biggest impact on the recruit. 

For a broker, staying ahead of the technology curve is not only’s essential!  You need to demonstrate to your capability to compete with other brokers as well as make the best impression on your recruit. 

In a world that is always “on-the-go” you need to be able to demonstrate both capability and flexibility to your prospective agents and there is no better way of doing that than with the cinemizer OLED.  Whether you are meeting them in a coffee shop, restaurant or at your office, you will have the ability to make a powerful presentation and demonstrate how innovative and technologically advanced your agency is and leave an impression with them that they will never forget!


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