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3D Movies - Personal Viewing
The flight from New York to LA takes nearly 5 hours.  Miami to Seattle takes 6.  One can only read so many magazines, or listen to the life story of the person sitting next to you for so long. When it comes to in-flight entertainment, nothing will provide a more pleasant and entertaining experience for 2D or 3D movie viewing than the lightweight and compact Cinemizer OLED. When the movie’s over and it’s time to work, the Cinemizer OLED can serve as your primary video monitor to keep your data private.


The Cinemizer OLED comes with 2 standard types of video inputs (HDMI mini and AV video) that allow you to view nearly any form of 2D or 3D movie from a DVD player, laptop computer, Blue Ray player, or Android device (with HDMI capability).

The package also includes a HDMI to mini HDMI adapter as well as a AV video cable (3.5 mm, 4-pin cinch)

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You can also accessorize your Cinemizer with an Apple® kit that allows you to connect to any video capable Apple® device (as of 9/1/2012). This includes any video capable iPod, iPad or iPhone.

The Apple® kit package comes with the adapter and 3 sticky pads that hold the device onto the Cinemizer battery pack.

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