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Architecture and CAD Visualization

Modern products are developed using 3D drawing programs. As a result, this data is automatically available for further use.

For example, manufacturers of prefabricated houses can use additional software to transform their virtual houses from the CAD model (computer-aided design) into photo-realistic environments with backyards, trees, plants and realistic interior decorations, etc. Furthermore, the CAD data is transferred to a stereoscopic 3D model to generate a spatial display with depth impression for the viewer. This creates an impression and feeling of being in the center of this virtual world, allowing future homeowners to get an idea of their future dwelling right in the planning phase. Changes can be implemented in real time, thus eliminating unexpected costs due to modifications.

The Cinemizer can offer an Architect a low-cost, high-impact method of displaying a 3D file from Archichad. Using GRAPHISOFT BIMx, you can quickly and easily bring true-to-life 3D visualization experience to your customer.

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