Cinemizer adapter kit for iPod and iPhone

The Cinemizer adapter kit for iPod and iPhone includes:

  • iPod/iPhone adapter
  • Base plate
  • Three adhesive pads that are selected based on the thickness of the device

All video-capable iPod and iPhone models are supported. All iPad models work with the adapter kit. However, the 1st generation iPad exerts constant mechanical pressure on the cinemizer adapter plug and is therefore not recommended.

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Over-the-Ear Headphones

Over-the-ear headphones provide high quality stereo sound and are easy to remove and clean should you be using the Cinemizer for an application where many different people will be using it.

  • Easily slides onto the Cinemizer in place of the ear slider
  • Plugs into left/right 2.5mm in-ear earphone jacks
  • Headstrap supports Cinemizer and keeps it snug to the head
  • A modified Sony MDR 7502 is used
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Eye Shield

Do you plan to use your Cinemizer outdoors or in an environment where you need to focus without distractions? You can block out light and distractions with the eye shield adapter kit that will turn your Cinemizer into an immersive virtual display.

  • Made of medical grade rubber
  • Attaches to the Cinemizer without adhesive
  • Easy to remove and clean
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Connected to a computer, the cinemizer head tracker works like a mouse, making it ideal for all applications that can be operated with the mouse. The cinemizer head tracker is mounted to the frame of the video glasses. As a result, head movements are detected by a sensor and passed on to the computer, enabling wearers to look around their virtual environment with natural head movements.
For professional applications, it is possible to directly access sensor data on the USB HID via an available SDK (for Windows).

More information about this feature can be found at

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