Learn to be a skilled 3D video creator

Have you always wanted to learn how to create eye popping 3D videos that will amaze your viewers? This is what you've been looking for. The 3D Video Production Training Academy convers everything you need to know to become a proficient 3D video developer.

Stereographic Applications and Methods (101) - In this introductory course to 3D video production, you will learn the basics of 3D stereography. Covered topics: An introduction to the 3D camera and image, painting with light, capturing sound, camera operation, and stereographic editing. Learning outcomes include: Basic understanding of the mechanics of stereography, use of 3D equipment for video production, and an understanding of producing a professional 2D or 3D video. Course prerequisite - Personal Profile Questionnaire.

Stereographic Production from Start to Finish (201) - In this intensive, hands-on 3D video production workshop, students will apply what they learned in Applications and Methods, plus learn to create a professional 3D video with limited resources and budgets by utilizing the 3 phases of production. Learning outcomes include: Semi-professional quality stereography skills for aesthetics, writing , production, and 3D video editing. The course culminates with each student producing their own 2-minute short 3D stereographic film from start to finish. Course prerequisite:
Applicatoins and Methods (101) or instructor approval.

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